Illustratie: © Tinzi

Jenebabe 'Reina', 17

2021, Leuven

We create together

Illustratie © Tinzi

Since the pandemic started it’s like we all turned our life upside down. We can’t decide on making plans that easily anymore, because it feels like we are all unsure of what will happen next. Being a teenager in this time, where we isolate ourselves to protect ourselves from others physically, is harder than what we think it is.

As teenagers, we explore, we try different things, we create together, we let others influence us and we influence others. We learn through socialising, we have fun with friends, we enjoy our lives carelessly. But now we need to stay inside and distance ourselves from those who makes us happy, who gave us hugs when we needed it.

I myself suffer from anxiety and stress. I am an introvert most of the time.

When someone smiles at me it makes me feel comfortable. It makes me feel appreciated and it somehow boosts my self-esteem as a young teenager.

But now, with the mouth mask….

I sometimes feel like they are judging me and then I start to overthink.

While corona is rising, the mental issues of teenagers are also rising from the lack of physical contact. Sad to say but we may be healthy and safe from the virus but these mental issues will definitely damage us. We need to find a way out.

Jenebabe 'Reina', 17 jaar, Leuven